The Gold Nugget Case

The third largest gold nugget in the world

An interesting story from the internet about one of Image Alloy Cases projects:

In September 2010, the find of this gold nugget was announced at the Ora Banda pub Gold Nuggetduring the annual “meeting” of local prospectors.  Andy Comas, a nugget buyer from Perth, had recently acquired the nugget and sold it to a buyer in the US.

When Andy showed a picture of the monster the bar went dead quiet. People just couldn’t take their eyes of it. This was of course what every prospector dreams of and keeps him going: the bloody big one!

The nugget was found using a metal detector.  It’s reputed to be the world’s third largest gold nugget in existence, weighing in at 23.26 kilograms, (just after the Hand of Faith at 27.21 kg and the Normandy Nugget at 25.5 kg).  Through various tests it was established that the nugget had a 92% purity rating. With 2010’s gold price of around 40 US Dollars a gram, the gold value would be around 860.000 dollars. But of course, nuggets of that rarity go for two, three times the gold value

Andy said that the prospector who found it, and who wishes to remain anonymous, gave him a week to sell it. Andy sold it for an undisclosed sum within a couple of days to a buyer in the US.  Apparently, no Australian could come up with the money.

However before the nugget could be exported, it needed to be placed on displaythe gold nugget case in various places.  Before it could be displayed it needed a nice case.  Image Alloy Cases provided the very nice case that can be seen in these photos.  

Look at the case, dream about finding such a nugget.  But should you be so lucky, no worries, Image Alloy Cases can make you, maybe even a nicer, case.


Antique Sword Collection – Cases

Items of Great Historical Value and Beauty Deserve Governor's sword Detailthe best protection available!


Scimitar and Kilij are examples of the curved swords popular in the Ottoman Empire and Persia since the ninth century.

The blades of these swords are slim, single edged, tapering Long Swordsto a point only at the very end.  As weapons, they were better suited to slashing un-armoured opponents, rather than for thrusting.  Typically used one-handed, the warrior could also carry a short blade or shield into battle.

Rather than being worn in the European hilt-up fashion, they were worn horizontally with the hilt and tip pointing up.Short Swords

Image Alloy Cases has been privileged to make cases for this superb collection of swords and shields.  When an enthusiast has such a collection, it is as crucial to protect it from damage, as it is to display the items to advantage.

Image Alloy Cases has as a part of its core business providing neat and dimensionally correct foam inserts for their cases.  These inserts can be velvet coverSheild & Axe headed for a more stylish presentation.


Aviation Tool Control

Tool Control Foam InsertsTool Trolley 2

Due to aviation maintenance regulations regarding tool control, tools must be packed in their cases or drawers with foam inserts made in such a way that all tools have a  clearly defined location and any missing tools are easily seen.

Are you a careful techie or a supervisor of techies?  Tap & Die Drawer
Or maybe you just don’t want to leave valuable tools behind at the end of a job. Organize your toolbox, protect delicate tools, see at a glance whether any tool is missing.

Do you work in aircraft maintenance and need to comply with CASR Part 145 (addressing human error)?Aircraft Anvils

Since the CASR recommendations for tool management and tool control have gained prominence, Image Alloy Cases has been inundated with orders for foam inserts cut to hold Sets of tools

To keep up with demand, we have developed a method to scan in tools of all shapes and sizes to a template Pneumatic Toolscomputer model.  This template is then used to create accurate, one off or repeatable and professional looking foam inserts / Tool drawer liners.

Scanning takes only takes an hour or two and if prearranged can be done immediately. If you can spare your tool kit for a few days usual lead times would require us to have your tools for a couple of days maximum and plastic cases perthyour completed foam inserts or drawer liners will be ready for delivery around a week later.

We also supply Pelican, Storm & Space cases and have a range of our own plastic cases called IMPLAC Cases, so we can provide the complete case solution.