Protective Cases Aviation Industry


Do you work in aircraft maintenance and need to comply with CASR Part 145 - addressing human error?
Aviation maintenance regulations regarding tool control mean that tools must be packed in their cases or drawers with foam inserts made in such a way that all tools have a clearly defined location and any missing tools are easily seen.

We have developed a method to scan in tools of all shapes and sizes to a template.  This template is then used to create accurate, one off or repeatable and professional looking foam inserts / tool drawer liners.

Scanning takes only takes an hour or two and if prearranged can be done immediately. If you can spare your tool kit for a few days usual lead times would require us to have your tools for a couple of days maximum and your  completed foam inserts or drawer liners will be ready for delivery around a week later.

Organize your toolbox, protect delicate tools and see at a glance whether any tool is missing.