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Display Cases

We’re specialists in both plastic and aluminium display cases.
The word Image is used in our name as it is an important part of what we stand for. Image is important especially for those who want a case to show off a cherished object, or to beautifully display goods for sale.

We pride ourselves on producing cases that are strong, can be branded, and look good outside to enhance your professional image. We are also committed to providing well-designed, good looking interiors to display to the best advantage, protect and organize your contents.

As an additional service, we can provide engraving where branding or cataloguing is required. Logos and contact information can be added to the outside of the case so customers and potential new business can readily identify you. Engraved labels can be added inside the case so that you, your staff and your customers can easily identify the contents.

Expo Display Cases

Custom Built Cases are the best way to roll in and roll out your displays for all sales environments from expos to board meetings. Big or small we can customise your case for both ease of transport and speed of set up.

Professional Persona

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, give yourself a head start on the opposition by arriving with a stylish and recognisable case for your products.