protective plastic Implac cases

Implac Protective Cases

Image Alloy Cases has its own brand of plastic cases – the IMPLAC range. It covers a majority of the most commonly requested sizes. Admittedly while not quite as robust as the more famous Pelican case, they will still provide your valuables an excellent level protection from impact, water and dust. IMPLAC are an excellent quality product but at a more budget conscious price.

IMPLAC Protective Cases come empty or with a custom foam insert to suit your application.


18-1    Outside Dims 280x246x106mm

Inside Dims   260x200x93mm

(68x25 in Lid)



18-2    Outside Dims 280x246x156mm

Inside Dims   260x200x143mm

(118 + 25 in Lid)



18-3    Outside Dims 355x272x106mm

Inside Dims   335x230x93mm



18-4    Outside Dims 355x272x166mm

Inside Dims   335x230x153mm



18-5    Outside Dims 415x335x120mm

Inside Dims   388x272x108mm

RRP $105+GST


18-6    Outside Dims 415x335x180mm

Inside Dims   388x272x168mm

RRP $120+GST


18-7    Outside Dims 460x380x180mm

Inside Dims   434x316x168mm

RRP $140+GST


18-8    Outside Dims 460x380x320mm

Inside Dims   434x316x308mm

RRP $195+GST


18-10  Outside Dims 546x400x200mm

Inside Dims   490x333x172mm

RRP $240+GST



18-14 Outside Dims 1160x440x160mm

Inside Dims 1093x365x90+45mm

RRP $420+GST



18-18 Outside Dims 665x665x290mm

Inside Dims 575x575x235+55mm

RRP $560+GST