Antique Sword Collection – Cases

Items of Great Historical Value and Beauty Deserve the best protection available!


Scimitar and Kilij are examples of the curved swords popular in the Ottoman Empire and Persia since the ninth century.

The blades of these swords are slim, single edged, tapering to a point only at the very end.  As weapons, they were better suited to slashing un-armoured opponents, rather than for thrusting.  Typically used one-handed, the warrior could also carry a short blade or shield into battle.

Rather than being worn in the European hilt-up fashion, they were worn horizontally with the hilt and tip pointing up.

Image Alloy Cases has been privileged to make cases for this superb collection of swords and shields.  When an enthusiast has such a collection, it is as crucial to protect it from damage, as it is to display the items to advantage.

Image Alloy Cases has as a part of its core business providing neat and dimensionally correct foam inserts for their cases.  These inserts can be velvet covered for a more stylish presentation.