Audio Visual Equipment

If you supply delicate or prestige audio visual equipment, we can supply you with a tough “Aluminium roadcase” for protection during transit and storage.

“The first Aluminium Roadcases were designed by airline engineers in the 1960’s to cater for touring rock bands.

They were built to a standard that required them to withstand 100 trips by common carrier (road, rail, air) while protecting their contents. And they still are!”

audio visual protective casesImage Alloy Protective Cases follows in this tradition of designing and building cases for audio-visual equipment that will withstand the worst that weather, the roads, baggage handlers can throw at them.AV Tower

These cases can have customised fit out with foam cushioning, partitioning, panel mounts, floating racks depending on what’s required for safe handling, storage or transport of delicate instruments or equipment.

We can machine cut or fabricate a profiled foam lining to present and protect each item as it deserves. This will increase both the perceived value and extend the life in the field.

In some applications, such as mining, a protective case may even be a requirement. If you hire equipment out, this type of case will add years to the life of expensive instruments.

Desk Cases
We can custom make Desk Cases with all the features usually available such as wheels Drawers & Dogboxes and a few that aren’t….

AV Desk with Drawers 1AV Desk with Drawers 2

DJ Setups
We can make cases for all configuration of DJ Coffins or Towers

AV Deckage 03Deckage 06bDeckage 15

Kit Cases
One of the best ways to make sure all your equipment is on hand when and where you need it is with a custom built ‘Kit Case’

Paddle mic cases

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